Opening Jenny Bede’s show is a lyrically genius earworm whose song hones in on Bede’s desperation to have a baby. This catchy tune is the perfect introduction to a musical comedy that’s brimming with quick wit, pop culture knowledge, and self-deprecation.

Bede’s wide-eyed eagerness to deliver both a baby and a great performance makes for a spectacular hour. Her whip-smart humour is best observed during the musical numbers interspersed throughout the set, in which she quips – atop a rhythmic backing track – about white privilege, her biological clock, and life in the dating game. When discussing how much she wants to reproduce, Bede is gloriously sincere – so sincere, in fact, that it becomes difficult to tell how much of the material is played up for the stage and how much comes from the heart.

In a world that constantly wants to know what a woman’s reproductive plans are, Bede takes charge in the way she knows how: by penning and performing a hilarious comedy set telling you exactly how she feels. Alongside the baby talk, Bede also makes extensive, giggle-worthy observations about dating apps and other millennial quirks, which will no doubt appeal to several members of the audience.

By blending clever, dance beat-laden ditties with jokes inspired by her own experience, Bede produces an original comedy show that will stick in the mind for a while. Jenny Bede: Eggtime is bold and honest and exciting, and it cements Bede as an extremely talented musical comedian.

Words: Morgan Laing

Jenny Bede: Eggtime, Pleasance Dome, Aug 4-28 (not 14), 8.10pm

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