Jerry Finnegan’s Sister takes place over the space of a decade, from when protagonist Brian meets his new neighbour Beth as a child, to current day. Told through a series of monologues and flashbacks, Brian details how his love began and grew for Beth, the sister of his best friend Jerry.

From childhood to adulthood we watch as Brian is unable to find the words to express his feelings for Beth. But as news of her marriage reaches him, he realises that he may have left it too late. Despite the play’s namesake, Jerry is an entity which is not physically introduced; instead the play focuses on Beth and Brian’s relationship. The actors succeed in bringing them to life and create a lovely viewing experience.

A simplistic ‘girl next door’ story with an excellent cast, blended together to create a sweet, romantic tale, Jerry Finnegan’s Sister manages to uplift and satisfy the entire audience with ease.

Words: Calum Wilson

Jerry Finnegan’s Sister, C Nova, Aug 24­-29, 12:00pm

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