A heartwarming tale of friendship, love and belonging, Jess and Joe tell us how they met, agreed, disagreed and ultimately discovered themselves while loving each other. Joe was born and raised on a farm in Norfolk: its all he has ever known. Jess visits with her family on a warmup ‘holiday’ to her ‘real holiday’ in Italy each year with her au pair. Joe has been moved to ‘the unit’ because he doesn’t fit in at school. Jess’s clothes are always a little ‘too tight’ and she’s a vegetarian who loves scotch eggs. They couldn’t be more far apart but this is what brings them together and becomes the beauty of their story.

This is so much more than an endearing love story. It is about growing up, finding acceptance and realising your identity. The two performers are convincing and honest, bringing a relatable story to life with quirky humour. They bring a uniquely relaxed atmosphere to the room that’ll make you feel like they’re just telling the story in your living room. This is the beauty of their show: bringing the excitement and anxiety of growing up to the forefront of our minds while addressing the challenges young people face.

With the accompaniment of the perfect sound effects and smooth scene transitions, Jess and Joe’s story is not just told, but felt amongst the audience – there’s never a dull moment. A beautifully powerful coming of age story told in a clever way, Jess and Joe Forever will have you laughing and crying from beginning to end.

Words: Nastassia Sutherland

Jess and Joe Forever, Traverse, Aug 5-27 (not 7, 14, 21), times vary

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