Going in, it was clear from the long, winding queue that Jo Caulfield has a strong following. Her show appears to be very popular among middle-aged married couples, as does the material.

This is not a negative, although this meant an over-excited man kept approving every punchline by quietly voicing his own input, like only a dad would. The show is simply quality comedy for nice people.

It’s cynical, but harmless. She has attitude and knows how to exploit it for our amusement.

It is an enjoyable, well-written hour of comedy. Caulfield’s experience as an entertainer is evident in her delivery and comfortable stage presence, and her riffs with audience members are arguably where she shines through most.

A naturally funny comic.

Words: Paul Hyland

Jo Caulfield – Pretending to Care, The Stand 5 & 6, Aug 9-28 (not 15, 22), 7:50pm

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