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Joanna Neary Does Animals and Men

With unconquerable energy, Joanna Neary’s stand up character comedy shows promise, but ultimately fails to entertain in the long run.

Each character Neary presents seems to lack substance, distinguishable only by their accents, and the humour becomes somewhat galling after a while. She attempts to present a show that is subversive from mainstream comedy but sadly attempts nothing of exceptional quality.

An impression of Kirsty Allsopp shows strength and suggests that, with stronger material, Neary would be a competent performer but as a whole, the show feels underdeveloped. Although some moments pick up laughs, the routine ultimately falls flat, unable to sustain laughter for the hour long set. Undoubtedly, Neary can perform and could entertain with the right material, but her hour just doesn’t meet its mark this time.

Words: Calum Wilson

Joanna Neary Does Animals and Men, The Stand Comedy Club, Aug 16-28, 2:30pm