For the unfamiliar viewer, this play might strike you as simply being about a depressive Scotsman monologuing to a cactus. To those in the know, however, Jocky Wilson Said is a respectful nod to a Scottish darts hero and two-time world champion player.

Jocky Wilson Said is written by Fifers Jane Livingstone and Jonathan Cairney with Grant O’Rourke as the star of this one-man show. O’Rourkes’s performance as Jocky Wilson is very convincing, successfully capturing Wilson’s jolly nature and mannerisms.

The play touches on Wilson’s troubled upbringing, and one of the strongest moments of O’Rourke’s performance is when Wilson talks about his brother. Sadly, the play does not delve deeper into this aspect of Wilson’s life, instead it keeps its tone light and reflective.

The real Jocky Wilson struggled with alcoholism and O’Rourke’s performance portrays this well. The audience are left pondering if the desert heat is really to account for some of Jocky’s regales or if alcohol is the culprit.

Arguably a piece that is better suited to those acquanited with the subject matter, Jocky Wilson Said is nonetheless a tender look back to a local hero.

Words: Ryan Johnson

Jocky Wilson Said, Gilded Balloon Rose Street Theatre, Aug 5-24, 3.45pm

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