Leaning back in his chair, nonchalantly clutching his mic with an almost careless ease, Joe DeRosa exhumes his inner comedic pessimism to present his Fringe debut.

DeRosa leaves no boundary unmarked with his brutal honesty and dark realism – the faint hearted may want to give this a miss. But, for those brave enough, the show is packed to the brim with hilarious, bleak comedy if you’re able to stomach it. Even if he doesn’t manage to shock you, then you’ll be in hysterics at his rant-fuelled humour splashed with colourful language.

A great hour of edgy entertainment, DeRosa leaves a lasting impression – whether that be a good or bad impression is all a matter of perspective.

Words: Calum Wilson

Joe DeRosa: Zero Forward Progress, Underbelly Cowgate, Aug 23-28, 9pm

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