Returning to the Fringe with his infectiously enthusiastic jazz trio, Joe Stilgoe shares his lifelong passion for cinema and its music with this phenomenal set of film classics.

Even if you aren’t familiar with some of the music featured, Stilgoe sets the scene beautifully as he riffs the opening bars. But what makes this show truly great is the tightness and genuine musicality of the trio: their group dynamic is spectacular and their versatility impressive. Far from simply being Stilgoe’s bassist and drummer, the two equally provide backing vocals, light-hearted choreography and an array of interesting percussion, as the trio bring to life the various sounds of cinema through the decades.

Joe Stilgoe: Songs on Film will have you on your feet dancing along to ’80s Hollywood classics and cheering for more – a display of stunning musical talent and passion.

Words: Dugald Johnson

Joe Stilgoe: Songs on Film, Assembly Checkpoint, 3-27 August, 8.20pm

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