Joe Sutherland is a former model turned aspiring actor willing to do literally anything for fame and attention. His show is a comedic run down of his many skills and talents in the hope that a television producer will see it and make him famous. His show takes you through his illustrious career so far as he begs for work and/or attention, which importantly he sees as one and the same.

This is a fiery hour of conversational comedy not to be missed; Sutherland strikes the perfect balance between raw emotional story-telling and fiercely camp put downs that create some of the darkest laughter in the room. He takes his audience on a tour of camp culture and what it means to be gay today by exploring his experiences of homophobia in the emotional crux of the show.

Model/Actress  is so much more than a young gay man being bitchy with his audience; rather, Sutherland intelligently explains why so many gay men use their cattiness as an armour from the world. While Sutherland keeps things funny, he is still able to communicate the effect of homophobia within the entertainment industry, which leads to some really touching and thought provoking moments. Sutherland conveys this message with charming and self-deprecating humour, especially looking back on his own acting and modelling career – including pre-pubescent Spice Girls photo shoots.

In Model/Actress, Joe Sutherland is on top form, presenting an engaging hour of stand-up with an important message and many laughs to be had.

Words: Katie Mckenzie

Joe Sutherland: Model/Actress, Pleasance Courtyard, Aug 16-27, 10.45pm

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