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Joel Dommett: Pretending to Smoke with a Breadstick

Joel Dommett has boundless energy, jumping through stories including an imaginary motorbike, a laser in the most unfortunate place, and several jokes which may or may not be true.

The show is dominated by a vast array of props; there’s lasers, disco balls, placards and of course, slides to illustrate all of Dommett’s very true stories, just for proof. Intertwined with the props he creates big laughs talking about his drunken dates and his desire to be cool.

Whilst this show is more for the lovers of physical comedy, it’s hard not to have fun. A non-traditional take on stand-up leads to what can confidently be awarded the best heckle comeback of the Fringe festival, which is worth a visit to see itself.

Dommett is at his best when interacting organically with his crowd, with some of the front row contributions becoming the highlights of the show.

Words: Katie McKenzie

Joel Dommett: Pretending to Smoke with a Breadstick, Pleasance Courtyard, Aug 20-27, 6pm