You’re a part of Joe’s NYC Bar before you even reach the venue. In the queue, members of the audience are chatted with individually by members of the cast, or ‘employees’ from the bar, building up a sense of camaraderie and comfort upon entering.

This show is one entirely devoid of structure. It takes the idea of immersive theatre to a new level, the whole concept being based on creating conversation and human connection as the performers and the audience talk in the carefully tailored bar setting.

An interesting and original idea, the charm of Joe’s NYC Bar is also its potential downfall. By being entirely reliant on the audience, the show runs the risk of faltering from lack of response. While the cast are extremely adept at maintaining their own individually formed characters and the atmosphere of the piece, the experience depends on the night as it appears that some Scottish audiences may not be as forthcoming as those in the company’s home town of Orlando.

Words: Chiara Margiotta 

Joe’s NYC Bar, Just The Tonic at The Caves, Aug 28, 10pm

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