Showing audience control at its finest, John Hastings knows exactly which way to lead the crowd, taking them just far enough into the joke, then tosses them back out with an unexpected twist.

Integrity talks about one set joke, a marathon of a story unveiled over the course of one December day last year. Along the narrative, other humorous anecdotes emerge, all tying together for a payoff which is well worth the wait. Hastings utilises visual humour, political quips and our old friend the humble pun. Inventive, if cello-taped, set pieces and even some surprises lie in store, all serving to highlight a thoroughly likeable comedian with effortless stage presence.

When a gag fails to quite hit the mark, or even when he is heckled by a police siren, Hastings doesn’t react negatively or lose pace. He incorporates it into the routine, constantly enhancing it further.

Words: Dominic Corr

John Hastings: Integrity, Pleasance Courtyard, 16 – 29 August, 9:30pm

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