John Kearns walks on stage with a comically bad wig and fake teeth, much to the delight of his eager audience. It is clear to see how Kearns has won the multiple awards that he has, and quite right, the room is sold out – much to his confusion.

His self-depreciating humour and prolonged stares into the crowd set the tone for the show. From the beginning, Kearns stage persona is socially awkward and even a little strange, but it works incredibly well. As a comedian, Kearns is confident and knows how to hold an audience, but this awkwardness add an extra layer to his comedy.

Kearns walks the audience through his life of bizarre experiences, from having to buy sixty crème eggs due to social discomfort, and encountering other people just as odd as him. He takes us on a trip down memory lane, when comedy was simple and people were content with doing the same in day in day out. In his fantasy, he places his happiness within a fictional sweet shop and the raillery he has with his every day customers. This segment is not only endearingly sweet but ingeniously funny.

John Kearns creates great repertoire with the front row and keeps everyone entertained from start to finish. Leaving the show, it was apparent from the rest of the crowd that I was right: Kearns’ show, while slightly absurd, was also phenomenal.

Words: Emily Phillips

John Kearns: Don’t Worry They’re Here, Heroes @ Monkey Barrel, Aug 10-27 (not 16), 5pm

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