John Robins is a hit in his latest Fringe offering, Speakeasy.

His quick witted comedy show retells the story of the much anticipated month he spent alone while his girlfriend visited Australia; it’s clever, well delivered and really funny.

Robins hilariously shares his expectations versus the reality of his month as a bachelor and what he came to realise; life is a bit rubbish without his girlfriend and even worse when good old Google decides to ruin your life.

The astute comic jabs at the nature of our online personas, picking apart aloof Twitter bios and pointing out our tendencies to portray ourselves as someone we’re not, or even worse- someone we wish we were.

Robins is resourceful; he has amazing timing, and uses the crowd to his advantage. He’s a true craftsman of his trade; filling the room with laughter with his extensive vocabulary and uniquely vanilla aura.

Words: Katie McKenzie

John Robins: Speakeasy, Assembly Studios, 18-30 August, 8pm

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