Jordan Brooke’s Body of Work never really starts, not does it really end, and there’s definitely no middle. Brookes aims to provide a show under the pretence of wanting to tell a story about his gran, but he can’t sit down, let alone stay sat long enough, to tell it. Typical of his style Brookes has a sporadic delivery of his hysterically absurd ideas and physical impressions.

The audience has no choice but to erupt with inappropriate laughter as Brookes’ impressions kickstart. The show then reaches to the extreme, offering the audience a strange combination of satisfaction and slight discomfort as Brookes dares to take things one step too far.

This is a performer that, despite lacking empathy, knows no physical limits. Join him on the exploration of his body, accompanied by the hilarious impersonations of the appendages and orifices you would least choose to listen to. Brookes’s obscure manipulations of his face and body are gross, but impossibly captivating. The grotesque and shockingly inappropriate gestures physically depict his darkest and most unwanted thoughts with hilarious glee.

His Gran will be glad she never lived to see this tribute, but no one else should miss it.

Words: Rachel May

Jordan Brookes: Body of Work, Laughing Horse @ Finnegan’s Wake, Aug 10-27 (not 14), 6.15pm

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