Review: Josephine at Gilded Balloon
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It’s all glitz and glamour as we bask in the musical biography of Josephine Bakers life – the first African American international superstar. A fascinating woman, an extraordinary life and a mesmerising performance by Tymisha Harris; who effortlessly takes you on a story spanning six decades. From wee Freda Josephine Macdonald, dancing the grizzly, to becoming the Josephine Baker we all know. A woman you can’t help fall in love with as she charms her audience, both in the ’30s and in the present day. This includes two of her conquests seated in the audience as they were picked to be one of five husbands and a lover. 

There are an astonishing nine costume changes, a number that will shock even the most staunch Eurovision fans, and will inspire you to run to the closest vintage shop to see if you could replicate the feeling of 1930’s Paris.

The tensions of segregation in America; not being able to walk into a hotel and get a cup of coffee for instance starkly contrast with the freedom she felt in Paris. She had a fire inside to change her circumstances. From her big break in the US to demanding her audiences be mixed. She marched alongside Martin Luther King Jr. to pass on the torch to the next generation and unto us watching the show tonight.

You are in for a night of dance, song and theatre with the odd intentional sparkly nip slip, Harris is a master of all four; you’ll leave with a gleaming smile on your face.

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