Joz Norris’ show is a massive mixed bag. In parts, it’s a satire on different types of comedy, in others it’s surreal and silly, even merging with heartfelt anecdotes at points. He dresses in the audience’s clothing at the start, I’m not quite sure why, and he starts the show in a large cardboard box.

Despite Norris’ considerable talents, the show doesn’t really land often enough. It has lots of disjointed moments of fun but many concepts can be a little too contrived and require too much set up. Any criticism of Norris has to be viewed though the prism of the expectation his quality brings – he is a strong enough performer to be judged by a high standard.

Hello, Goodbye has plenty of creativity but needs more direction. While it’s a break from the norm, the show still has some fat to be trimmed before it’s up to the standard of it’s fine performer.

Words: Tom Crosby

Joz Norris: Hello, Goodbye, Heroes @ The Hive, 10-28 August (not 15), 6:40pm

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