Kae Kurd’s debut show, Kurd Your Enthusiasm focuses on the comedian’s own identity as a British child of Kurdish refugees and looks to find hope in the face of ineffective millennial leftism and seemingly immortal racists.

The most sophisticated part of the show was his political message. His unique take on 2017 acknowledges political failings, proposes solutions and diagnoses some of the inaccurate conceptions that drive misunderstanding. “People don’t want to live here, they want to go home,” he says about refugees, explaining complex global crisis with minimal condescension.

Though much of the hour takes a serious tone, it isn’t without comic relief. The left, the middle class, racists, his dad and Kae himself all end up as the butt of a joke, and even poking fun at the less-than-diverse audience as he attempts to explain the black comedy circuit proves fruitful. His jokes may use some generic material, but they always come with a nuanced twist.

Hilarious material and inspiring ideas were checked by his lack of experience. Though Kae relied on his phone to find his place again between transitions and lacked some flow and ease with the crowd, he shows true promise and shouldn’t be missed. Come next August, this lactose-intolerant, British, Kurdish refugee-advocate will be taking the Fringe by storm.

Words: Emily Hall

Picture: Steve Ullathorne

Kae Kurd: Kurd Your Enthusiam, Pleasance Courtyard, Aug 4-27 (not 16), 5.30pm

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