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Karen Hobbs: Tumor Has It

In Underbelly’s Clover venue, the stage is scattered with a collection of incongruent items for Karen Hobbs: Tumor Has It, including a space helmet, a crown and a terry cloth bathrobe. Together with the stand-up voiceover overture, the perfectly ironic, absurd atmosphere has been set in motion.

The show starts with Karen welcoming the audience and directly addressing the show’s subject matter – The Big C. Tumor Has It is a tragicomic theatrical memoir hybrid. Performed by Karen herself, the one-woman show relates her experience with cervical cancer at 24. At rare points, rushed delivery results in some jokes falling flat. However, through post-postmodern approach and use of metafictional narrative techniques, she not only successfully humors and emotionally moves her audience but effectively develops much needed awareness of cervical cancers and related problematic stigmas.

Karen Hobbs: Tumor Has It is a sincere yet enjoyable unique theatrical piece that both enlightens and inspires.

Words: Sara Vollen

Karen Hobbs: Tumor Has It, Underbelly Med Quad, 3-29 Aug, 2.50pm