As both a scientist and a magician, Kevin Quantum presents a magic show fit to impress even the sceptics. Centred around light, Illuminations combines classic magician’s theatricality with tricks and scientific knowledge, as well as some excellent comedic moments, to create a very enjoyable hour.

The afternoon time slot means Illuminations attracts plenty of kids. While this adds a lovely starstruck atmosphere to the room, some of the young volunteers that join Quantum on stage for moments of audience participation seem to inadvertently thwart his tricks.

The prop-containing envelopes handed out to the audience upon entry are necessary for one of his acts and adds a nice touch by making everyone feel involved and the will o’ the wisp sequence is especially charming. There’s a little too much filler that prevents the hour being as consistently thrilling as it could be, but as a whole Quantum keeps the audience engaged.

Words: Chiara Margiotta

Kevin Quantum: Illuminations: Gilded Balloon Teviot, Aug 3-29, 4:30pm

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