A brief but charming interactive experience for kids and adults with a sense of whimsy. Huff is the story of the Three Little Pigs retold through a multimedia environment.

I join my group – three is the maximum– and luckily I find myself with ten-year-old George and his dad. It’s exciting to encounter the experience not only through my own eyes but also through George’s.

After warnings about how scary it will be and instructions to take our shoes off, we begin our journey through several sets – Mother Pig’s parlour, the bathroom of the brick pig, a bed made of bales of straw – which help us to piece together what happened. We are guided by a gentle but vaguely sinister voice throughout.

At the end, George says he enjoyed it, but had been expecting it to be scarier: he had been worried someone was going to jump out at him. Despite George’s bravery, children who are afraid of the dark may not like some parts.However, adventurous kids and adults will no doubt like Huff a great deal.
Words: Caroline Whitham

HUFF, Traverse Theatre, Aug 1 – 24 (not 11, 18), performances begin every 8 minutes from 10.30-19:00

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