Kieran Boyd is clearly a competent comedian and has a lovable and accessible stage persona.

However, Egg feels a little too straightforward to really showcase his skills. The material just isn’t as unique as his work in sketch troupe WitTank with Mark Cooper-Jones and Naz Osmanoglu, with topics like North vs South, working from home or his appearance just too stagnant to have much impact. There’s some cheery but easy crowd work, in which he references previous crowd work too.

He relies a lot on his accents, which often don’t quite hit the mark. It’s not bad comedy deep down, and it’s ably performed, but there’s no surprises, no clear through-thread, and, unfortunately, no build up to anything particularly spectacular.

Ultimately, it’s a reasonable show that’s pitched to a general audience, but it is also one that would clearly benefit from being a bit more niche.

Words: Tom Crosby

Kieran Boyd: Egg, Gilded Balloon @ Counting House, Aug 13-29, 4:45pm

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