Acclaimed character comic, actor and part of Mr Swallow’s extraordinary show Houdini,  Kieran Hodgson’s music-driven ode to the composer Gustav Mahler is beautifully structured comedic hour.

The show’s autobiographical, character driven narrative is the symphony of his life. No character is a stereotype; they are people we’ve all met in life, little vignettes of people pulled from our collective memory. The sublime points where he starts to mix these impressions – New York-French, Brummie-Venezuelan – were matched only by his collection of celebrity imitations that fitted seamlessly into the show’s structure.

Lovable, witty and insecure, Hodgson is the Fringe’s best exponent of the classic one-man show. The coming of age story doesn’t have a whiff of hackery about it. It’s the sort of fine storytelling that people often parody but ultimately demonstrates the heights that comedy at the Fringe can achieve.

Words: Tom Crosby

Kieran Hodgson: Maestro, Voodoo Rooms, Aug 24-28 , 9:30pm

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