After seeing – and loving – the Kinsey Sicks two years ago during the Fringe, I was worried that while they were exceptional performers, perhaps their act couldn’t offer much in terms of re-watch value. I was so happy to be proven completely wrong. The show is new and fresh, and while there was a few repeated songs from their previous shows, it remains hilarious and mesmerising.

What makes this a unique show is that the witty and superbly written satire is accompanied by exquisite four-part harmonies. The entire show is sung acapella, and the Sicks’ vocal skills and onstage chemistry are discernible from a mile away. At times, some of the references may become lost to a non-American audience, but overall, the show is very accessible – that’s assuming you are not a member of the alt-right or a Trump supporter, because if that is the case, you will loathe this act.

Things You Shouldn’t Say is not all fun and games though; there are a few moments in which the show takes on a more bitter light. Rachel, the group’s longest-serving member, offers a reflection on the history of LGBT+ rights  in comparison to today’s state of affairs – and comes away with the  realisation that perhaps things have not changed as much as they should have. But even in the bleakest of moments, the Sicks’ bittersweet rollercoaster, remains full of glee, joy and rage. An absolute must watch!

Words: Mariana Mercado 

Kinsey Sicks: Things You Shouldn’t Say, Gilded Balloon at the Museum, Aug 4-13 (not 9), 7.30pm

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