The journey from the queue outside Assembly Hall into Rainy Hall feels like a procedural preparation. A stop and go trip of multiple checkpoints, including receiving headphones that play gentle music, creating a curiously exciting yet vigilant mood that aptly prepares for Last Dream (on Earth).

Last Dream follows the interchanging narrative of Sam, a traveller in Tangier and Yuri Gagarin during the Vostok 1 launch in 1961. Due to an unclear exposition, the auditory focused drama stumbles a bit before finding its narrative footing. Nonetheless, the show successfully draws parallels between the voyage of the first human to cross into space and the perilous passage for a better life that Sam and others embark on from Tangier to Spain. It is beautifully touching in its portrayal of the ultimate quest inherent in all of us.

Last Dream (on Earth) is an exquisite piece that not only moves its audience but reminds them of their shared humanity.

Words Sara Vollen

Last Dream (on Earth), Assembly Hall, Aug 4–28, 1.25pm

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