Four piece sketch comedy group Laughing Stock treat us to their latest show this Fringe. Revolving around a small set of well-fleshed out characters, the show is loosely centred around a caravan park and its annual talent show.

There’s sketches about everything: homo-erotic cowboys, country ladies with dirty minds, a geeky teenager making YouTube videos in his bedroom. A particular highlight is the couples charades sketch; it’s well written and universally funny to anyone who’s ever played a boardgame with their significant other. Each sketch seems to land perfectly, and a few even had the audience doubled over at times. The beauty to this show is the looping effect, with a finale that sees all of the sketches come back on themselves in one big musical number, complete with a few interesting lighting tricks.

The performers are wonderfully in sync and able to bring different talents to the table, including flute and guitar skills as well as brilliant physical comedy. Particularly impressive is the range of sound effects they are able to produce with just a few microphones. Truly masters of their craft, they have an onstage chemistry that just wills you to enjoy yourself.

Laughing Stock is the cream of the crop when it comes to sketch comedy. This is polished, slick production and an excellent bet for an entertaining hour at the Fringe.

Words: Katie Mckenzie

Laughing Stock, Underbelly Cowgate, Aug 25-27, 4.20pm

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