Real talk: you will leave Lauren Pattison’s stand-up set wishing she were your best friend. That part is inevitable. As well as revealing itself to be a side-splittingly funny debut hour, Pattison’s show feels a lot like a reassuring, uplifting conversation between friends – and, if you’re anything like me, it’s a conversation you’ll want to have with her again, possibly over pricey cappuccinos on a biweekly basis.

Pattison enters the room with a spritely “Hi!”, eschewing any kind of pomp or pageantry. She launches right into her routine: a fast-paced, whip-smart slab of anecdotal comedy gold. She discusses her big career move from Newcastle to London, she makes devastatingly relatable quips about her experience in the retail industry, and she reminds us all why social media can be exceptionally awful. Weaving hilarious witticisms into casual observations about her life is Pattison’s superpower.

There’s far more depth to Lady Muck, though. Pattison takes on issues like sexism in comedy, and linguistic discrimination. She speaks candidly about never feeling comfortable in her own skin, and the heartbreak of having her long-term boyfriend remove himself from her life without warning. She remains energetic and spirited when dealing with all this, but she’s not flippant; she’s refreshingly open about how difficult it can be to confront your insecurities and accept yourself. At one point, her eyes appear to glimmer with tears as she describes what it’s like to constantly pull yourself apart. This moment is an emotional gut-punch, and it’ll be painfully relevant to anyone prone to this type of self-doubt. Nevertheless, Pattison comes to an optimistic conclusion that’ll lift your spirits.

This is a stand-up routine that blends astute, perceptive humour with emotion and honesty. Lady Muck is a warm, inspiring and completely unmissable show performed by someone who deserves so much success.

Words: Morgan Laing

Picture: Andy Holiingworth

Lauren Pattison: Lady Muck, Pleasance Courtyard, Aug 23-28, 5.45pm

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