Laurence Clark: Independence is a one hour show about the funny side of cerebral palsy. That may appear to be an odd and somewhat crass way to describe the comedian’s one-man show, but it is embodied by Clark’s many engaging and humorous anecdotes about the ups and downs about life with the illness.

The majority of Clark’s stories concern attempts to become more independent, often with hilarious results. Notable examples include being stuck in a Virgin Trains toilet, the locking mechanism of which Clark compares to HAL-9000, and receiving dating lessons from an overly-enthusiastic Canadian social worker. In addition, Clark also makes a valid point that he doesn’t like to be seen as an invalid, which he uses to set up an awkwardly funny story involving a visit from a particularly uptight social worker.

Laurence Clark: Independence is well worth seeing if you are looking for stand-up comedy from an alternative perspective.

Words: Adam Thornton

Picture: Steve Ullathorne

Laurence Clark: Independence, The Box, Assembly George Square Theatre, August 5-28, 7pm

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