If one decides to see Letters to Windsor House based on assumptions from its title alone, they may be in for a shock. When entering Summerhall’s Anatomy Lecture Theatre for the show, you won’t find anything evoking a royal estate. Instead, one is immersed into a scene more closely resembling something out of a Frank Miller graphic novel.

Amongst cardboard boxes, sit two young women in clown-esque makeup.  As the duo rise to sing an acapella, the show commences. Louise Mothersole and Rebecca Biscuit take the audience on theatrical multimedia journey into their living situation and outline their true investigations into letters for previous tenants that they received.

The show successfully delivers necessary and entertaining critical examination on gentrification. However, rushed delivery and timing muddles many of its plot points, resulting in narrative disarray. Nevertheless, Letters to Windsor House is a promising show in need of some structural repair.

Words: Sara Vollen

Letters to Windsor House, Summerhall, Aug 3-28, 1:35pm

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