This two-man show is an excellent piece of theatre. It features strong, well-rounded characters and a narrative that comments on its political surroundings while simultaneously being humorous and enjoyable.

The plot follows Sister Martha’s mission to deliver an old photograph into the hands of an old acquaintance. Along the way she meets Larry, an ex-con who becomes her comrade in the obstacle filled journey that unfolds. The lack of props allows you to focus on the actors themselves, who cleverly bypass the need for any extras.

Fundamentally, this theatrical work explores the power imbalance within society, where the voices of the seemingly unimportant are unheard and manipulated by those who have the means to control mass communication.

A powerful story with a lot to say to its audience, and one that you simply have to see.

Words: Donna Foulis

Little Thing, Big Thing, Assembly, 5-30 August (not 17th, 24th), 3.50pm

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