Lloyd Griffith is a classic comic in a modern industry, or would be without his extraordinary extra-curricular abilities. His hour plays, at times, like a full-length club set. His Grimsby-based show is very intentionally local, which worked well for a good portion of the audience, but it’s a theme that feels overplayed. Everyone is from somewhere. He also explains himself after gags, a feature presumably designed for a Grimsby audience, it’s probably not needed there or at the Fringe.

However, for the uninitiated, his singing came from nowhere, adding skill and sustenance to a sometimes pedestrian set. This was only bettered by his endless impressions of types of tape. Duct, cello, masking, all the classics and more. From this the staged musical conclusion wasn’t well executed but the results it produced went down well.

Griffith needs to experiment more, to cut the chaff in order to let his abilities breath.

Words: Tom Crosby

Lloyd Griffith: Great Grimsby’s Big Turn On, Pleasance Courtyard, 19-30 August, 8.30pm

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