Lou Sanders performs a routine that only Lou Sanders can.

She begins by admitting that people often think she’s mad. And then she goes on to prove her style of stand up is just that. Utilising mannequins and props, her comedy doesn’t follow a strict structure, instead veering it’s way through a variety of hilarious tangents and anecdotes. With a great show of self-awareness, the show pauses on occasion as a voiceover of Sander’s mid-show ‘thoughts’ on the crowd and her performance plays.

Importantly, Sanders is hugely likeable and also has an undeniable genuineness that makes her oddball style much more accessible to a wider audience, as opposed to the somewhat alienating feeling that can come from some more surreal comedy acts.

A truly fun show, Lou Sanders may have you wondering ‘what’s that lady doing?’ at times, but is sure to have you giggling along with her.

Words: Chiara Margiotta

Lou Sanders: What’s That Lady Doing?, Pleasance Dome, 3-28 August (not 17), 8.10pm

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