Hidden away in a back room of the Gilded Balloon, you may wonder where you are being lead to for this show – especially as the room is named the Balcony but is situated in the basement. The Balcony offers up an intimate space for this very relaxed and informal show which perfectly suits Loyiso Gola. Once he casually saunters out from the behind the black backdrop and fills the small stage, it quickly becomes clear that he has a knack for making his audience feel instantly at ease.

Loyiso Gola’s Unlearning is less of a stand-up show and more of a casual chat. He entertains his audience with a few humorous and relatable anecdotes, as well as stories of his childhood and one particularly devious friend while also offering up some keen observations to get you thinking.

Expect some audience participation, but done with the same laidback attitude as the rest of his performance. While this allows for some sporadic laughs, it also falls flat at times. The rest of the show runs in the same fashion: there are some hearty laughs and a few astute comments on his South African upbringing, but the hour doesn’t quite tick every box. That being said, Unlearning is still a fun show that will bring a smile to your face regardless.

Words: Ryan Johnson

Loyiso Gola: Unlearning, Gilded Baloon Teviot, Aug 2-28, 9pm

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