Confused, disgusted, delighted: never has my face went through such a serious of emotions, seemingly without my control, in a show before. First of all it’s important to say if you are easily offended, you will be easily offended by this show. However, if you believe in the health benefits of being disturbed once in a while, then this shockingly sacrilegious, pop ballad retelling of the New Testament is for you.

The pleasant highs of polished and entertaining performance frequently reach overdose in a kind of desperate, uncomfortable chaos. Lucy McCormick’s Triple Threat is full of pandemonium, but strangely, the after effect was grounding. We view the new religions of the modern, Western world square in the face in all their repulsiveness, ridiculousness and brilliant freedom.

Words: Ursula Fleming

Lucy McCormick: Triple Threat, Underbelly Cowgate, until 28 August (not 15, 22), 8:10pm

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