Porter is clearly at home at the Fringe. She is well acquainted with speaking to big audiences both on TV and live on stage, however, she almost seems too comfortable – speaking with an ease that belongs more to a casual gossip at times, rather than a sell out performance.

The lights turn on and we see a stage that is dedicated to Walkers Crisps. The atmosphere is relaxed and Porter is gracious in her delivery, the perfect host with her gentle manners and friendly audience interaction.

Porter and her show are self-admittedly non-offensive, apologising for the swear words that might crop up and her aversion to conflict is a core theme to the show. The hour holds plenty of laughs as she humorously depicts the pros and cons of being non-confrontational with a host of real life examples of conflict from family life – but bear in mind that conflict should be understood in its most benign form.

Fun and easygoing but not exactly cutting edge, all in all the act feels a bit like opening and closing an entertaining and well narrated guide to parenting.

Words: Rachel May

Lucy Porter: Choose your Battles, Pleasance Courtyard, Aug 2-27 (not 16, 23), 5.30pm

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