Lynne Jassem explores an interesting variety of topics such as show business, childhood, over-bearing mothers and sexuality. Her approach is eerily youthful and perhaps best defined in her own words as being a “professional child” who dabs in tap-dancing, mimes and impressions.

The performance follows a personal narrative of Lynne’s own life as a child performer, guided into show business by her former Rockette mother, and her life as a sexual being marked by a profound confusion over her own sexual dysphoria.

While Lynne’s storytelling has a historical quality of a young person going through a sexual awakening in the 1950s, a lot of her references are outdated and sought the approval of a very specific audience, so may not be for everyone.

Words: Liga Gutane

Picture: Keli Squires Taylor

Lynne Jassem: From Como to Homo, Sweet Grassmarket, Aug 23 – 28, 2.15pm

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