In this hilarious show, Margaret Thatcher becomes the host to a gameshow where the audience gets a chance to compete for their benefits. The audience into two teams, the Strivers and the Skivers, and they battle things out through a series of hilarious yet painfully accurate challenges, such as destroying the NHS, leaving the European Union, and creating scandalous headlines.

This fabulous musical extravaganza combines everything you need in a show: cheesy 80s music, incisive political satire, audience participation, and a fresh new look on current British politics. It makes an absolute mockery of the current state of affairs while expressing facts that can only be uncovered with comedy.

Never was the Iron Lady so fabulous, camp and adored. Without a doubt, this is one of this year’s must see shows.

Words: Mariana Mercado

Margaret Thatcher Queen of Game Shows, Assembly George Square, August 26-28, times vary.

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