Godden’s show is a type of cockney clowning character comedy. The opening salvo, a biblical speech performed in the style of The Moon from The Mighty Boosh, set’s the tone perfectly.

It’s a silly show, with little real plot or structure, that really relies on the required audience enthusiasm to function, which unfortunately can’t be guaranteed. In such a large room, many of Godden’s creations can feel a little lost, however, many of them showcase Godden’s quality as a performer and highlight the show’s unachieved potential.

Heroes @ The Hive is the right venue for such a deliberately abusrd act, but while it raises more laughs than many conventional shows, it ultimately fails to hit the heights Godden is capable of.

Words: Tom Crosby

Marny Godden: Where’s John’s Porridge Bowl? Heroes @ The Hive, Aug 19-28, 3:00pm

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