Taking in the set for Meet Fred leaves an interesting impression. Unlike most theatrical works, the stage negates pre-show speculation and prediction. The plot made seemingly obvious by the show’s proscenium positioned chalkboards; marked with mind-maps, the show’s plot points are literally written out for the audience.

Nonetheless, Meet Fred delightfully surprises and entertains its audience. Following Fred, an impeccably three man operated cloth puppet, as he tries to navigate his new found reality. By using meta-theatre as its narrative mode, the show successfully brings out abundant laughter and awareness.

Without clear indication as to whether it has a resolution or is to conclude with questions unanswered, the show leaves confusion to the exact point it was trying to make.

Meet Fred is a highly entertaining and insightful piece but lacks the solid finish necessary for effective impact.

Words: Sara Vollen
Photo: Jonathan Dunn

Meet Fred, Summerhall, Aug 5-25 (not 15, 22), 3:55pm

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