Meet Me At Dawn is a raw look at grief, written by Zinnie Harris Robyn (Neve McIntosh) and Helen (Sharon Duncan-Brewster) are stranded on what appears to be an island after their boat capsizes – they’re lucky to be alive. It was a regular morning, a regular day, they were just messing about on a rental boat. Now they are lost, but at least they have each other. They have lives to get back to: clothes to wash, beds to make, a dog to feed but now they are stuck on an island with a strange woman who won’t answer their questions.

This show blends the real and the unreal while Robyn tries to figure out where she has seen all of this before. Helen tells her she is concussed, hit her head when the boat went down. Robyn thinks she is in a nightmare, nothing feels right.

Duncan-Brewster and McIntosh’s powerful performances push the boundaries to depict the reality of losing someone you love and the possibility or supposed dream of having that person back for just one day. A relatable and touching show that won’t leave a dry eye anywhere, it explores the consequences of death and the reality of grief in an open and honest way.

This show doesn’t sugarcoat its subject matter but certainly keeps its audiences fascinated throughout. With a touch of humour in all the right places to lift our spirits, it is a show about humanity and love that has a personal meaning for each individual in the audience.

Words: Nastassia Sutherland

Picture: Mihaela Bodlovic

Meet Me At Dawn, Traverse, 6-27 Aug, 1.45pm

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