Set in a dystopian London where gangs run rampant and hallucinogenic butterflies dominate the field, Fear No Colours theatre group perform Mercury Fur.

The tale follows brothers Darren and Elliot and the rest of their group as they try to survive this harsh new world by selling the butterflies and arranging parties for wealthy guests where they can commit their twisted fantasies. The show is action­ packed, with layers of mystery and surrealism that make for an excellent and unique Fringe performance. A palpable chemistry lies between the cast, which really aided in their performances.

Overall, an excellent play with a talented cast who truly brought it to life. However, the explicit, chilling and disturbing nature of the play makes it one to be recommended only to those with the stomach for the darker side of theatre.

Words: Calum Wilson

Mercury Fur, C Venues, Aug 27­-29, 1pm

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