Unlike other Mermaid tales that take you under the sea, Mermalade whimsically brings you to the beach in Pleasance Courtyard’s Beneath venue. Amongst the show’s charming yet efficient set, on three black drama blocks, sit three talking oysters. The Oysters soon encounter Mermalade, a young mermaid left with a mystifying message and a coinciding pearl on their residing beach – an enigma that ignites the heroine on a quest of understanding.

The strong characterisations of the Oysters effectively provide narrative surrogates for the audience, each one befitting one of different life stages and experiences. This makes the all-ages show enjoyable for all to follow. Through the accessible and intelligent words and direction, the play successfully shares a deep yet comprehensible story and message.

Mermalade is a show with something meaningful in store for everyone, provoking laughter, fun and insight from all audiences.

Words: Sara Vollen

Mermalade, Pleasance Courtyard, 3-29 Aug, 11:15am

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