After a delayed arrival due to a dodgy Uber driver, I found myself sat outside the show waiting for someone to let me in. From outside, I heard Michael Legge declare himself as a real 48-year-old man and listed an alphabet of diseases he had acquired over the years. At that point, someone arrived to let me in. As I come in, Legge points in my direction and says: “and there’s my doctor, who looks after me during the show.” Quick and witty, I knew I was in for a treat.

Legge manages to transcend a tirade of rants and rage into a hilarious show, perfected with his mad energy. Such anecdotes as his left-wing spirit making an unlikely friendship with UKIP supporter, Simon Winger (“that’s his real name by the way – look him up!”) gave a hilarious insight into this man’s whimsical life. Legge creates a wonderful satire on the lack of shame in today’s age and the hatred fuelled by fast internet – almost encapsulating these people in his own irate persona.

The final segment ends on a bittersweet note with Legge performing a tribute to his diseased dog, Jerk – with some David Bowie references added in to season. Jerk seems to be one of the very select few that Legge appears to have cared for his life.

Michael Legge: Jerk is a wonderful show packed with brilliant comedy fuelled by Legge’s limitless rage.

Words: Calum Wilson

Michael Legge: Jerk, The Stand Comedy Club, Aug 2-27 (not 14), 1.20pm

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