Shall we just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of laziness? If you can’t be bothered, I get it. In tribute to Micky P Kerr, originally there was going to be no review and just some coloured stars. Unfortunately, that excuse wouldn’t wash with the higher ups.

Very rarely do comedians become disappointed in the audience cheering and clapping, but in Kerr’s show, it shows too much effort. Though saying this, he clearly isn’t entirely lazy, taking the time to not only greet guests but act as his own usher as festival staff vanish. Kerr, deep down, might be vastly hardworking and naturally humorous.

Whether it be lyrically, or with a tongue wedged into his cheek, Kerr comments on life in an almost messiah-like fashion. So much discussed rings true, almost uncomfortably so. It is right to be jealous of our cats, envious of their lives. Why are we so overworked when originally doctors would recommend one thing: rest? Intelligent, yet comfortable humour is on offer. Nothing requires too much focus

Kerr makes a passing comment about being called arrogant: if anyone could find an ounce of arrogance in this comedian – they’re looking at the wrong Micky. For a comedian advertising a show entitled “Lay-Z” it’s astonishing the amount of effort clearly involved.

Words: Dominic Corr

Picture: Steve Ullathorne

Micky P Kerr is Lay-Z, Just the Tonic @ The Caves, August 21-26, 8pm

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