Mike Ward recollects when the Canadian’s Human Rights Commission sued him for $80,000 for a single joke. From this opening gag, the audience quickly learns that his aptly named Freedom of Speech Isn’t Free show is not for the faint-hearted, testing the rather rigid modern boundaries of free speech.

His shock factor humour, ranging from beastiality to paedophilia, still manages to leave the audience in laugh-out- loud hysterics throughout his hour long set. The underlying theme of free speech echoes throughout the show. Ward reiterates how we’ve become a culture of anger – one that has forgotten to find humour in jokes and instead find offense.

Standing as a testament to free speech, Ward manages to entertain the audience with his clever and dark humour. A must-see show that will leave you either speechless or in hysterics.

Words: Calum Wilson

Picture: Georges Fok

Mike Ward: Freedom of Speech Isn’t Free, Gilded Balloon, August 4-28 (not 25), 8.45pm

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