Milk tells the heart-breaking and honest stories of three different couples at three crucial stages in life. Two teenagers are discovering their place in the world and their feelings for each other, a young couple are about to have their first baby and worry they will not be enough as parents, and an elderly couple faced with crippling paranoia over leaving their home, struggle with starvation if they cannot face their fears.

The play ultimately captures the human condition and our need to be physically and emotionally fed, no matter what our age by depicting the lengths someone can go to to meet those needs. Milk is a beautiful portrayal of warmth and pain from an incredibly talented cast that is a true image of humanity in its lightest and darkest moments.

A powerfully enlightening play about relationships, love and humanity, Milk will have you both laughing and crying.

Words: Nastassia Sutherland

Picture: Ross Dunsmore

Milk, Traverse, Aug 5-28 (not 15, 22), times vary

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