Troy Hawke is a charming home-schooled young man who is suddenly unleashed into modern day Britain. Desperate to learn about the world outside his home, Hawke embraces even the most mundane activities with Shakespearean passion and endearing naivety. A lack of understanding of this modern life gets Hawke into all kinds of trouble, as he confidently and dapperly moves from one hurdle to the next. From Facebook, to William Hill, McCabe’s character explores elements of daily life with the curiosity and charm of a young mind.

This is a beautifully written show, topped only by McCabe’s diction which nears perfection, complete with an overly-verbose use of language that makes Hawke a very entertaining character: a must see for any comedy enthusiast.

One of the best comedy acts this year, The Unflappable Troy Hawke is a show that will outgrow it’s venue in no time.

Words: Mariana Mercado

Milo McCabe: The Unflappable Troy Hawke, The Laughing Horse @City Cafe, Aug 20-28, 8pm

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