It’s half way through his show and Milton Jones comes to a stop, his arms and feet in the air, and questions where his life is as he acts the part of a menacing dinner lady made out of cheese. Such is the tone for his high energy show, in which he bombards the audience with his trademark array of puns built to make you cringe at their awfulness but laugh along. Delivered in a non-assuming tone, it speaks of mild confusion and only enhances the laughs from the crowd.

Regardless of his fondness for the ‘lowly’ form of the pun, Jones still manages to craft an enchanting narrative, which sees him hunting down ex-schoolteachers and an orange air hostess named AmberAmAmber. Deeply surreal, but always focussed on making the audience laugh out loud.


Deeply surreal, but always focused on making the audience laugh out loud, it is simply punderful.

Words: James McPherson

Milton Jones and the Temple of Daft, Assembly Hall, 7-21 August (not 10, 17), 7.30pm

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