The first minutes of Mindy Raf’s show are cheeky and infectious. You would never guess that this bold New York comic would be tackling some of the most significant emerging societal issues and even confronting her own anxiety before the hour was over.

Even nuanced explanations of concept concepts are riddled with her intensely loveable, painfully relatable humour. Raf’s show is packed with her humour and infinite energy. It’s a one-woman stand-up act but you’re quickly joined by robust imitations of her semi-imaginary therapist and personifications of her anxiety and vagina, the latter getting much more interesting once she introduces the concept of “weed lube.”

Her love life is the focus of her show, and her dive into the romantic story of how she met her significant other is almost as moving as her powerful message about bisexuality. There is no way to put her physical demonstration of what it would take for someone to believe you’re bisexual into words, but once you see it, the image will stay with you.

Keeping My Kidneys might be light hearted, but the issues she brilliantly articulates and ridiculously illustrates are heavy ones. With her effusive humour, Mindy Raf is well-equipped to take them on.

Words: Emily Hall

Mindy Raf: Keeping my Kidneys, Gilded Balloon at Rose Theatre, Aug 17-28, 7.15pm

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