As soon as the narrator set the scene for this satirical play, I knew I was going to enjoy it. We follow crew members on board an energy cloud mining spaceship, and their captain who has an unhealthy obsession with a certain cloud. The inspiration is pretty obvious, but aside from the allusions to literature, the whole thing is a non-stop pastiche of classic sci-fi, celebrating and satirising the genre in intelligent and hilarious ways.

The writing is superb, and the brains behind the play, US sketch comedy duo Charles, know exactly what they’re parodying; they clearly have a love for the source material. But it’s not just the writing and acting that made it one of the best things I’ve seen this year, it has the most creative use of lighting I’ve ever seen.  With a few sets of LEDs in their helmets, they are able to convey a change of character, setting or tone.

This is an ingenious bit of comedy theatre.

Words: Adam Wilson

Moby Alpha, Pleasance Five, run finished

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